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Broadvision shelf factory in Foshan is a company specializing in a variety of shelves, display cabinets, display props design, fabrication and installation of the factory! For many years engaged in the commercial exhibition equipment and production experience, innovative products and services to our customers, can be designed according to the different needs of customers, production of special boutique racks, showcase, provide the overall layout, layout, merchandising and other services. Design for your presentation and development of the applicable products and win more space. We of main products has car supplies showcase, and beauty Museum Show Cabinet, and rotating show cabinet, and shoes shop exhibition frame, and package package exhibition frame, and smoke wine showcase, and pharmacy shelf, and cosmetics shelf, and clothing shop shelf, and pharmacy container, and products displayed Cabinet, and products exhibition frame, and products shelf, and products show Taiwan, and products showcase,, products appearance fine, design reasonable, originality, surface by electrochemical processing Hou light luxury, resistance wear, resistance corrosion, and has price reasonable, disassembly convenient, and shortcut, advantages, get general customer of identity. Our products use a wide: company samples and showrooms, hotels, shopping centers, fairs, corporate image, shops, showrooms, home, beauty and health, and so on. Features: scale, light and beautiful, our aim is: quality first, service to win...

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